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ABCD Forge EOL Notification

On August 12, 2016, our license for the GForge Advanced Server that powers will expire. For a number of reasons, our current plan is to allow the license to expire and move toward decommissioning the service. If you would like to suggest an alternative plan, feel free to open a discussion on the support forum:

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ABCD Forge Upgrade

9/6: Fail: We had to rollback the migration due to configuration problems. Many apologies for the continued delays.

9/5: The migration is now scheduled for 8 AM Thursday September 6th and is expected to take about an hour.

8/21: Due to a cascade of vacations, we will have to postpone the scheduled migration. Stay tuned for updates.

We have been working for a while on an upgrade of the infrastructure. This involves a new VM with a new and... (see more)

New ABCD List for Source Code Repositories

As you may be aware, HUIT is launching two new source code management systems for HUIT projects, and At the IT Summit, a group from SEAS discussed their git repository and how it will be used for student projects. At ABCD, we have been... (see more)					

Forge maintenance update Feb 2012

We are happy to report the successful upgrade of the Harvard ABCD Forge from gForge AS 5.7 to 6.0.1. Many, many thanks to Norton Allen for all the hard work! Please contact the Forge admin team if you experience any problems.

This release primarily focuses on security and bug fixes. You can see the full changelog (see more)

Forge revisited April 2011

The ABCD Forge reduces the effort to stand up tools necessary for SDLC, facilitates campus and external collaboration and acts as a persistent store for Harvard’s code, public or private. The Forge has been in place since 2004.

Our admin team gives periodic presentations to various groups, ABCD, CAIT and otherwise. Some of the older reports and presentations are archived on the site here. The support... (see more)